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Helping Hands


Devoted Daughter

“We were overwhelmed when we found out Mom’s cancer had spread. She was in so much pain and she didn’t want more chemo or hospital trips when her pain was unbearable. We didn’t know what to do. When we found Zephyr Hospice, Mom finally got real care and we had direction at last. I wish we had known about them sooner. Mom got the care she needed and that made Dad happy and Mom's pain was finally controlled. Thank you! You brought us peace and help during our storm.”


Cherished Patient

I had been living alone and trying to manage my COPD by myself for years. After I moved into a care home, I was getting extra help but the COPD kept getting worse and I felt overwhelmed. The nurse at the home told me about Zephyr Hospice and I decided to accept their help. Since I have become a Zephyr patient, I feel at peace. They handle all the medications and supplies I need to manage my symptoms and offer me a lot of comfort and understanding. It has been really hard for me to a talk to friends about my health, but the folks at Zephyr have made me feel safe and at ease talking with them about my fears and my needs. I am very happy I made this decision for myself.  

To schedule a time to speak with a hospice nurse, please contact us at: 


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