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Zephyr ~ a soft gentle breeze

Compassionate Care and Peace of Mind

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The Zephyr Hospice Story

Many patients with advanced illness do quite well with curative care, while others become exhausted from lengthy treatment regimens and pain due to the effects of terminal diseases and illnesses. Sometimes, curative treatments offer little comfort during the late stages of a healthcare crisis or disease process. Often, family members and loved ones struggle to find some direction, some peace or the best plan to follow in order to manage their loved one’s care when curative measures are no longer effective or desired.

Zephyr Hospice was started to bring a softer, more compassionate delivery of professional healthcare to individuals who are in the late stages of chronic illness or disease and have decided invasive treatments and clinical settings are no longer desired. We like to say our care team is like a zephyr… a gentle breeze that envelops our patients and comforts them with the type of care best suited to their individual needs so they can live the lifestyle that feels right to them in the environment they call home.

Zephyr brings hospice care to you at your home

Hospice care is a Medicare benefit that delivers end of life care and family support for individuals with advanced, debilitating health who are no longer seeking curative care. Our compassionate team of clinicians come to you where you reside, whether that be in your own home, an assisted living home or center or a skilled nursing facility.

Social and Spiritual Support

Our Master’s level Social Workers offer resources and solutions to the complexities that arise when individuals and families face end of life circumstances and decisions.

Our Chaplain brings peace of mind and spiritual guidance while patients are utilizing hospice services as well as bereavement support for families and loved ones.

Medications, Medical Equipment and Supplies

Our clinical team coordiantes medications, medical equipment and supplies needed for each individual patient based on their specific needs. Hospice benefits are covered by Medicare and other insurance providers, so there is not cost associated with our services. 

By providing comprehensive medical care, medication management and medical equipment in the home, our patients and their families are able to function more comfortably and conveniently.

Mature Couple Showing Affection

Understanding and Love are at the center of what we do

We are available when you need us

"The fruit of love is service, which is compassion in action."

Mother Teresa

We're here when you need us most...


Our nurses provide individualized Medication and Pain Management, personalized Plans of Care, Patient (and family) Education about the disease process and act as a liaison between various care providers.


Our CNA's offer personal care such as bathing/grooming and provide supplies such as masks, gloves, sanitary wipes, adult briefs and personal grooming products.


Our volunteers enhance quality of life for patients and their families by offering respite to family caregivers, reading and listening at bedside with patients, running errands and a host of other helpful services. 


The We Honor Veterans program provides support to both the hospice patient and their families by providing resources, emotional support and Veteran volunteers to provide companionship and socialization.

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